Jackie • Team Leader

I want to share with everyone my experiences and how amazing the Danne' products are, including the fantastic service I received from Eden Beauty Clinic.

Given what I have been through with my skin, I recommend this product to all my family, friends and anyone else I get a chance to talk to. And trust me, after all the money I have spent on other products and treatments, this really does work!

I normally have oily skin and get the odd break-out here and there, but never really felt it was a problem. A year ago now, i started to get these really tiny bumps on my forehead. Very small and there were hundreds of them. You were able to see them when the light was on my face sidewards. This spread to my cheeks then almost everywhere on my face. I started to use very well known products and it didnt clear it. I turned to a dermatologist and was placed on medication and went to countless glycolic peel treatments. This did nothing for my skin condition and achieved no results for 6-9 months. I also went to beauty clinics for treatments and nothing worked. 

I went to Eden beauty clinic for a massage and noticed the Danne products displayed. I had heard about this product previously and was curious about it as it was paramedical. I booked in for a skin consultation with Yana. She really took her time to explain everything which made me feel comfortable in understanding 'what was wrong' and 'how to treat it'. She also gave an explanation on skin generally and took me through every product and what it is used for. I must admit, having spent so much money on treatments and products before, i was quite sceptical but I thought, I'll give it a go.

I started with the products and a couple of weeks later I went in for a treatment: Alkaline wash and pro-enzyme. After 3 days, my skin improved dramatically and everyone noticed the difference!, I hadn't felt my skin smooth like that in a very long time. I continued with the products for another 4 weeks and then went for a second treatment (Alkaline and pro-enzyme) and my skin is back to normal!. And this was all achieved in 4-6 weeks. I am still shocked that my skin is looking fantastic and all in a space of weeks. To think I battled with not knowing what was wrong for a whole year!. My favourite product is the retosin, it some how smooths out the skin overnight. 

So if there is any advice I'd pass onto people, it's try these products and treatments cause it will be worth it for you in the end. Having tried most products, treatments and medication out there, this really is the best in the market.

Carol • (via email)


Just wanted to thank you for your service the other evening.

Not only did you fit me in at the last minute, but the treatment was amazing. The waxing was far less painful than usual, and while my skin looked the same immediately after the facial, it felt great.

I also took your advice and stayed hydrated and cared for my skin over the past couple of days, and today it you can really see the difference.

I am  impressed not only with the service provided on the day, but your advice and treatments have helped my skin even after leaving the salon.

Thanks again,

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