1. I have congestion all over my face, some are cystic. Would the professional treatments make me break out more?

This will depend on what your prescribed treatment involves. If you have a lot of underlying congestion, the only way for the matter within the pores to be removed is through the pores of the skin. The longer it resides there, the more damage that is likely to occur, e.g. Scarring and trauma induced pigmented spots, due to prolonged inflammation. It is quite possible to break out during your treatments, but with time this will subside and an ongoing maintenance program will ensure long term results. I would advise that you wear a make up that has a mineral base with no oils and talc, so not to acerbate the condition.

2. I’m 35 but I’m still breaking out like a teenager, how can I get rid of it?

The presence of acne later in life is a growing concern among adults. Stress and lifestyle are believed to be some of the contributing factors to the rise in the prevalence of this condition. Danné has a treatment program that is beneficial in the treatment of acne. This program consists of both professional treatments and home prescriptives.

Your technician will be able to recommend the best advice and provide the solution that aids in topically and internally improving your skin condition.

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