Follicitus | Ingrown Hair

1. I have to shave every day, but I get terrible spots and it leaves my skin feeling sensitive. Do you have any products or treatments that can help with this?

Alkaline wash is a great resurfacing tool and can also be used for hair removal. The solution sits on the skin and dissolves the hair gently, without causing any pain or irritation to the skin. The long term benefit of alkaline wash treatment is that hair growth will reduce after a session of treatments.

Home prescriptives:
hydra louffa body wash would also be ideal to use on the skin in the shower and is ideal for sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and folliculitis.
maximum moisture, the DANNÉ body lotion is a Transdermal Crème that delivers water into the skin, leaving it hydrated all day long.

DMK efa+ will aid to improve the moisture content and the condition of the skin internally.

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