1. I have freckles – do you have any treatment that can get rid of them?

We have many forms of professional removal systems that help to reduce pigmented cells. These professional treatments include alkaline wash, DANNÉ Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel and Prozyme treatments. The condition is then maintained by using the Danné home prescriptives that are designed to inhibit further melanin production. These products are: direct delivery vitamin C serum , melanoplex crème , super bright , and transdermal sunblock .

2. I was left with a “pregnancy mask” after I had my first child. They said it would go away, but it is still present after 9 months. What options do I have?

This passive form of pigmentation has been induced by internal hormonal conditions that can appear in different layers of the skin, and as a result can be difficult to treat. Never the less the condition can be improved.
A technician will recommend the appropriate in-clinic treatments. The program established is dependant upon several key factors which will be discussed during the consultation. These key factors include: age, skin colour, medication, sun exposure etc.

3. I have developed freckles after taking the contraceptive pill. Why do I still have them after I have discontinued taking them?

The pill causes photosensitivity of the skin and for this reason it is very important for you to wear a SPF30+ sunscreen on a daily basis to protect your skin. 
The freckles that you can see are your body’s own defense system, designed to protect you from the UV rays. Unfortunately they do not just go away on their own. It is very important that you attain a thorough skin analysis from a qualified DANNÉ Technician who will prescribe the appropriate professional treatment and home care.

4. I have patches of pigmentation on my face, I have tried many different creams on the market and nothing has worked. What should I do?

Rubbing a cream on the face alone will not rid your skin of pigmentation. As creams work on a superficial level, they have limitations and only have the ability to lighten and brighten the upper layers of the skin. For the most part the creams that are commonly available to the market place contain a bleaching agent and are simply doing just that; whitening the skin by bleaching it.

To target the pigment in the deeper dermal layers in-clinic treatments are necessary. This will enable the pigment trapped in the deeper levels of the skin to be treated, effectively targeting pigmentation at the source, which is advised in order to achieve long term results.

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