1. I have had three children and have worked very hard to get back in shape. Unfortunately for me I have very bad stretch marks. Can your products help?

Stretch marks are scarring on a dermal level. They aren’t superficial and are located deep within the skin tissue. For this reason we cannot remove a stretch mark, though we can treat this type of scarring and definitely improve the appearance and feel of the area, through resurfacing the damaged tissue and rebuilding the skin.

Firstly we look at preparing the skin with retosin (vitamin A crème) in conjunction with our direct delivery vitamin c serum. Internal supplementation in the form of essential fatty acids (DMK efa+) will also aid in improving the condition of the skin. The area is then resurfaced using alkaline wash, which dissolves the scar tissue. Enzyme therapy is then performed to help strengthen the tissue and aid in healing and repair of the area. This treatment is performed every four to six weeks. A number of treatments are needed depending on the severity of the stretch marks and tissue repair.

We have found this treatment very effective in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, firming and smoothing the area. Working to re-damage the tissue and rebuild the area with the best possible repair system for optimal results.

2. I’ve just had a mole removed from my shoulder, its left me with a very big scar, is there any treatment I can do to revise it?

The most effective treatment for scarring begins by removing the scar tissue. This process involves a series of professional treatments using the resurfacing tool, alkaline wash. The area will become smoother, flatter, and less obvious. The rebuilding of new tissue is performed with the DANNÉ enzyme therapy, which is a treatment masque that is placed on the skin after the alkaline wash treatment. The process works to enhance the condition of the skin for optimal healing.

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