E-Light Technology

E-light technology (IPL+RF) uses two energies instead of one which means more effective results for you with lower overall energy output. E-light is more effective than standard IPL because by emitting the optical light pulse and electric pulse at the same time, the net effect is to force the electrical energy to stream preferentially to the region of the hair follicle pre-heated by the absorbed light, providing a greater and more focused thermal effect than a single pulse of high intense light, with less intense light energy there are low burning risks and the synergistic coupling of energies means that each gentle pulse can be delivered for a longer period of time than standard IPL/Laser yielding results and leave the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects. 

RF energy can heat the bulge and outer root sheath of the hair follicle in the absence of melanin. RF is not absorbed by melanin and thus is independent of skin types. Hence, the equipment reduces the risk of epidermal injury and increased dyschromia, particularly with tanned, olive-coloured, dark and black skin. Also the RF provides for better wrinkle reduction and almost instant skin tightening in the skin rejuvenation area.

This means better results, more patient comfort and increased safety. It also allows for treatment of all skin colours and permanent hair reduction of grey, red and blonde hair, as RF energy can heat the bulge and the outer sheath of the hair follicle’s root in the absence of melanin.

The combined efficacy of IPL and RF energy in the same machine has also greatly increased the predictability, safety and outcomes of basic photo rejuvenation treatment.

Red and brown skin discolouration can be removed as, or more effectively than IPL only technology with fewer risk and downtime. The addition of modest levels of RF has also improved the resolution of fine lines and wrinkles.

Moreover, the virtual absence of a target chromophore explains the failure of all light based technology to achieve effective epilation of grey or blonde hair.

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