Acu Gel

A spot treatment to that eliminates pimples and surface blemishes almost overnight. After two or three applications skin impurities often disappear. acu gel contains a very effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal compound that destroys acne causing bacteria and heals the infection. It also contains cassia nut oil from the Chinese cinnamon nut. This creates a flushing effect increasing blood supply to the infected area to speed up the healing.

Unique functions and benefits

  • This formula uses the scientific concept of softening with chemical heat. With this method you do not have to pinch or open the blemish with extractors or needles, so the client will not risk any cross infection. acu gel softens by adding internal heat to the epidermis while loosening hardened sebum oils, keeping the skin clear of infections. Erythema may be present for awhile after applications due to chemical heat.

Key ingredients

  • Petrolatum
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Chloroxylenol

15 ml
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