Aminodine Spritz

Referred to as "The Golden Water" by DANNÉ clients, aminodine spritz is a remarkable anti-aging breakthrough. Used in conjunction with DANNÉ nite firming crème, this powerful blend of ingredients slows down the main cause of cross linkage wrinkles, which lead to rapid deep wrinkling. Use herb & mineral mist in the morning and aminodine spritz at night for an unbelievable fresh bloom and firmness.

Unique functions and benefits

  • Formulated to decrease and prevent cross linked wrinkles
  • After two weeks of use, the client will notice a firmer and fresher colour to the skin.
  • Is currently the only anti-glycosylation product in the cosmetic market.

Key ingredients

  • Witch Hazel
  • Aminoguanadine
  • Cucumber oil

120 ml
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