Cellulite is a term used to express a visible physical change, resulting in an uneven skin texture. The underlying cause of cellulite is weakened connective tissue. The cause of cellulite is varied. Common factors are hormonal imbalanced, hypothyroidism, racial factor, anxiety, lack of exercise etc.


DANNÉ Cellulite Treatment combines Infra-sauna, Body Sculpting and Body Enzyme in a series of treatments to strengthen weakened tissues, increase blood and lymph flows, increase oxygenation of the tissues, thus improve the appearance and condition of the cellulites.

Infra-sauna uses infra-red lights to heat up the space up to 75 degrees Celsius and clients get to lye inside. Infra-sauna will heat up the body and organs, and burn up the 1000 calories in 1 hour session. It increases body circulation and metabolism as well as detoxifying the body.

Body Sculpting
Body sculpting is a deep fast action cream that emits a pseudo heat to alleviate and reduce the characteristic of cellulite. It is designed to help re-shape and sculpt the body and assist in eliminating cellulite, unsightly puffy areas, firming tightening and toning skin naturally. Body sculpting helps to increase the blood circulation, flushing and strengthening the capillary network increasing essential nutrients and oxygen that helps to repair and strengthen the weakened connective tissue.

Body Enzyme
DANNÉ body enzyme masque is a deep enzyme treatment designed for use on the body. It is a specific blend of transfer messenger enzymes that increase the circulatory and lymphatic system resulting in a supreme form of nutrients and oxygen for the skin. Body enzyme stimulates cellular enzyme functions assisting growth metabolism. Externally body enzyme breaks down cell build up, smoothes, refines and naturally hydrolysing. A combination of Body Enzyme and Body Sculpting treatments alternated every 3 to 4 days will help to treat conditions such as poor metabolism, cellulite, fluid retention, poor circulation, weak tissues and muscles etc.

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