The DANNÉ melanoplex System has been hailed as the only pigmentation system that really works without bleaching the skin. This principle is based on prohibiting the amino acid Tyrosine from reacting with the enzyme Tyrosineaze to produce melanin. Several natural but potent inhibitors are used in the formulation of the DANNÉ melanoplexproducts that stop the production of Melanin while you are removing dark spots and hyper-pigmentation problems located in the upper layers of the epidermis. These types of pigmentation problems belong in the inflammatory category; hyper-pigmentation from the sources outside the skin such as sun damage, chemical burn, perfumes, or over zealous extractions of pimples, comedones or milia.

More severe conditions of hyper-pigmentation such as chloasmas from pregnancy or other hormonal induced melasmas will have to be treated with bleaching formulas in addition to melanoplex products. These conditions are known as passive pigmentation disorders. The DANNÉ alpha fade crème and alpha fade gel are formulated for safe but deep bleaching of dark spots. These treatments are effective on most types of pigmentation problems including lentigines (raised dark spots on again and badly sun damaged skins) and other less severe forms of uneven skin tones and it the most famous pigmentation removal system in South Africa, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan to date.

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