Hyper-Spotty Pigmentation and Dark Spots
The skin is your body’s natural protective barrier, and has several defensive mechanisms, one of which is melanin or pigmentation. Each person’s normal level of melanin is genetically predetermined and differs by ethnic origins. Individuals with higher levels of melanin 9 olive to dark toned skin tend to be more susceptible to hyper spotty pigmentation, but sun damage and internal factors can cause this condition in very fair skins. There are two general types of hyper spotty pigmentation. The first is “passive” which can be caused by hormonal changes, birth control pills or other medications. The second type is “inflammatory” caused when skin experiences some type of trauma such as burns or abrasions. When this happens, the defense mechanisms kick in and melanin rushes to the area of trauma causing dark spots or hyper-pigmentation. In both cases, you need to remove and fade the area of excess melanin without causing further trauma and while lowering the production of new melanin.

Normal Treatment Protocol 
Several DANNÉ treatment procedures are designed to balance out and reduce hyper-spotty pigmentation. These procedures are normally performed in conjunction with your normal DANNÉ Enzyme treatments. The number of treatments required to achieve maximum results will vary greatly according to the amount and type of hyper-pigmentation. It is important that home prescriptives be used in conjunction with professional treatments for faster results. It is also essential that transdermal sunblock be used with these precuts and treatments whenever you are exposed to the sun. These treatments will increase your photosensitivity.

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