Pore Reduction Drops and Enzyme Masque #1

DANNÉ pore reduction drops control large pores with a process known as chemical ionophoresis. It is the only product in its class that can do this. Do not compare pore reduction drops to astringents or toners. Once the pore is evacuated with Sebum Soak, the chemically ionized solution of Pore Reduction Drops carries the herbal properties of the product down into the pore to tighten it from within. Results are visible after the first treatment. An enlarged pore however will never be as small and tight as it is was when the client was younger due to it being stretched out by years of being congested with sebum wax. However, consistent use of Pore Reduction Drops will help to shrink it to a much smaller size.


  • Enzymes properly formulated can remove dead protein, toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using a process called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis forces fluids from inside the skin cells out through the cell wall membrane and into the matrix. This leaves a clean cell and a clear, toxin free matrix.
  • Enzymes do not work on a pH factor in the case of acids and alkalines.
  • RNA influences new activity. RNA in the cell ensures certain messages are carried across the cell membrane, activating enzymes already present in the skin.
  • Using the nerve endings, sensory receptors and ganglia, the enzymes acts as hormone like messages to stimulate an immediate response to a dermal level.
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