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We are passionate about what we do.

We know why we do it.

We continually learn how to do it better.

Eden Beauty Clinic is a salon extraordinaire located in one of the most exuberant Sydney's inner west suburbs of Newtown. Established in 2007, it has bloomed over two locations, starting at 16 King Street (map) and then later at 13 Wilson Street, Newtown (map).

Synonym for delivering results without the compromise, Eden Beauty Clinic specialises in customised skin revision treatments and beauty services for both men and women. For over twelve years it is providing the most comprehensive skin care, both in terms of professional and individual care.

Well renowned for its consistency and care, our clientele comes not only from all over Sydney, including Enmore, Erskinville, Redfern, Glebe, Alexandria, but also from Hong Kong and the USA, when on their visit to Sydney.

At Eden Beauty Clinic you can rest assured that your skin concerns will be addressed on a most personal level. We are confident that you will be swayed by our warm and personal professionalism.

If you are wondering who we are in a nutshell, then we say:

  • highly trained skin technicians
  • professionals with empathy
  • dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable
  • consistent and comprehensive

We take time and care with you to cater to your individual needs and set goals towards healthy, bright skin.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the warm and nurturing environment that is Eden Beauty Clinic.

Our Ethos

At Eden Beauty Clinic we are acutely sensitive of the fact that we only have one skin to live in.

Skin, this sensual boundary, defines us as separate to the outer world, yet it simultaneously colors and tones the experience of that world.

Our most intimate experiences are felt through the skin, and our skin radiates the emotions we feel.

Our perception of ourselves is impacted by the face we present to the world. In simple words, we speak ourselves through our skin.

Our mission is to help you tell your story – to make you feel alive through each and every pore of your skin, so that you can shine in the spotlight of life, not shy away from it.

Our values, vision and integrity motivate us to help you radiate the true you. Our commitment drives our ongoing education to bring you only the best treatments.

Education | Change | No skin condition is permanent

Yes, we have only one skin to live in, and just as not one skin is the same, our own skin changes constantly, day in day out. The changes within our body's systems reflect outwardly on our skin, bringing different challenges required to maintain the healthy skin.

At Eden Beauty Clinic, we consider the change to be a positive thing, and we are committed to a positive change. We substantiate our philosophy by investing heavily in our continuous education and training, and by following the latest research and trends in the beauty industry.

We only use a TGA Approved technology; we are against animal cruelty and none of the products we use were tested on animals.

At Eden Beauty Clinic we are frequently reminded of the emotional impact the skin disorders can cause. That is why we are as passionate about keeping our knowledge and skills up-to-date as we are dedicated to combating skin disorders with the conviction that no condition has to be permanent.

Our Story

Founded by Jana Buljan, Eden Beauty Clinic was established in 2007 with a clear vision and passion of extraordinary services – the results that speaks for itself.

With dedication to passion and knowledge, Jana has applied this focus to deliver results, catering to specific client's goals towards healthy, bright skin. Her drive for exceptional service and professional standards mean that all staff at Eden Beauty Clinic embrace their role with equal dedication and passion.

Warmth and clarity are the essence in Jana's approach.